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Hello Deviant art

I'm looking for an graphic designer/illustrator to help on a worldwide charity project. I have a condition, like a lot of people called M.E/ C.F.S, Its a debilitating disease and has no cure, or even treatment to help with the symptoms. Vital funding is needed to help research into these area's, and I'm starting a sponsorship BIG read project, here people will be sponsored to read as much as they can over a time period. People with m.e can't do big races, or long walks, but what we can do is enjoy the little things, and that means reading.

I'm asking for graphics/ images for the blog/ website, and promotional information like handouts, badgers, sponsorship forms. logo's and recongisable linked material.

Thank you to everyone who reads this plea, and a bigger thank you to anyone who gets involved. also ask me about becoming someone to sponsor, the more the merrier!

THE BLOG IS HERE read-with-me-project.blogspot.…


STYLE KEY WORDS Whimsical, enchanted, water colour, English, old, illustrative, story telling, Books, Fiction, Fun.
Styles examples

I have a bit of image in my head of what this should be like, something like an open book with fictional characters jumping out or hovering.

I have 500 points to add to this cause, if your require a little of incentive.

styles i like that i think work well with the project theme

Red Hood by ivan-bliznak Mr. November by ivan-bliznak Monster Page by elbooga Autumn dreams by ivan-bliznak ultimate dunk by Bisparulz Animated characters alphabet by mjdaluz
Double Scoop Raturdae by Steph-Laberis Scrooge Doodles by Steph-Laberis one morning i remember by pettryb Book Worm by betsybauer book by gigi4g In The Book Forest by Red-Clover
day16: alice book cover by sc-parade Open Book.. by NaBHaN books by arjhun girl with books in- toiabates by childrensillustrator Soaps and Books by PascalCampion when I dream of fairytales by libelle Wonderland of Books - Chesire Cat by minitreehouse Archibald dreams of books by WilloeIsATree Books glorious books by Lelpel El Rey de los libros by Gusana Imagination by xUsako Commission: Bookend by e1n Reading Jane Austen by Nachan Reading Owl 3 by MelDraws Reading Owl by MelDraws Story by Vasylissa from books... . by Pocket-Zoo so tell me about Berk ... by GraphiteDoll HMC : Stroll Through the Sky by Barukurii Go away, by Luce-in-the-sky Erised by toerning House Pattern by stephillo Cycle London by MumblingIdiot Wild Friends by reed682 Fat Peach's Bakery by ftongl Trick or Treat by hayoubi King of the Mountain by liljeska Baseball Mascots thru the ages by Montygog Gotham Bicentennial by Montygog Mermaids by hayoubi Monster Time by CaptainChants Ol' Bobby by CaptainChants:thumb282549478::thumb182349718::thumb138733304::thumb119278927:
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panda-jamican-pie Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
do you still need help, I can blast this on my blog to get more artist involved?
Steph-Laberis Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hey there! Thank you so much for the feature, I am so sorry to hear about your condition. Unfortunately I am not able to take on more projects for a while, I will be mentoring and working full time after the holidays. :(
TeapotMysteries Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hello, thank you for getting back to me, im sorry you can't particapate, is it cheeky to ask you to follow the blog and like the facebook page. Need as much promotion as I can get.
Steph-Laberis Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Not cheeky at all, I will like the page and share it on my feed. :)
TeapotMysteries Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Professional General Artist
thank you sooo much!!!
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December 4, 2012


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